Nurturing Tradition in Classic Style.

At Kathak Rhythms, Kathak is taught as a complete form with traditional methods, combining the best of all Gharanas. While deliberately staying away from the deviations of "Bolly-culture", Kathak Rhythms gives the opportunity to serious dance lovers to focus on the purity of the dance form by placing on the detailed nuances of Kathak, namely - abhinaya, taiyyari, laykari and padanth.

While learning, students are provided with the opportunity to hone their presentation skills with examinations and certification through an Academy of Indian classical Music and Dance in the USA. Additionally, students get to perform at select venues as well as our annual recital, to showcase their skills and develop their style and confidence.

Class Structure:

Lessons are taught according to a set syllabus with 7 levels:

Who can join:

Students of ages 6+ are welcome to join, adults included! Our students are assigned to a class based on age, level and location. Group and Private lessons are offered through the school year, with special sessions during the Summer.

KathakRhythms' student enrollment exceeds 200 while average class sizes are maintained at 10 students per class. Our students are trained with individualized attention in an evironment that fosters both friendship and classical discipline.

While dance techniques and movement are taught during the first few years of learning, emphasis on presentation and style is placed in the advanced years. Typical training time per level ranges from 1 to 3 years based on the students' passion and commitment to practice in addition to class hours. Workshops are offered periodically with reputed Kathak artists from around the world.

Benefitting from the structured learning environment at KathakRhythms, our students have developed to graduate from our program and extend their learning into their academic and professional lives.

Akhila Rao


Akhila Rao has been in the field of Kathak for over 40+ years. Inspired and supported by her father K J Rao, a leading Kannada stage Actor-Director, Akhila was trained from an early age under the guidance of Guru Shri Ganesh Hiralal in Mumbai, performing her Rang Manch Pravesh in 1978 and presenting at leading venues in India. A Recipient of the "Singar Mani" title, awarded by Sur-Singar Samsad at the Kal-Ke-Kalakaar Festival in 1981, Akhila was also winner of The "Menaka Trophy" for Kathak, at the Bombay University Youth Festival. Akhila has also had specialized training for teaching students the finer aspects of Kathak, under the guidance of Guru Late Smt. Asha Joglekar in Mumbai.

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Our 2000 sq. ft. studio is located in Plano, Texas  and is purpose-built for Kathak Rhythms. We feature a large 1800 sq ft. space that can be used as two independent and fully-functional studios when separated by our custom sound-proof collapsible wall.

The studio is also available for other dance and art classes- Details below:

Blue Studio:

Green Studio:

Other Facilities:

KathakRhythms- The Premier School of Kathak in Texas